These Amusement and Theme Parks

And the world changed its view of this sleepy little Anaheim orange grove town forever. Walt Disney created a world inside this small town of Anaheim, a world that every kid wants to go to, that every adult also gets excited by, a world of fantasies and fun-filled galore, a world called Disneyland. Yes, Disneyland, the king of amusement and theme parks, is the perfect place for your next family vacation. In the world of amusements parks where Disney World and Disneyland certainly are kings, there are others like SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and Busch Gardens that could be your next pick.

But unless you are the impulsive type who doesn’t mind a few surprises along the way, planning your next destination is the way to go. You want to know which amusement and theme park you will be going to―Disney World, Disneyland, SeaWorld, or Universal Studios. Difficult choices, but they have to be made.

How You Can Plan a Vacation to an Amusement or Theme Park

Your kids are pestering you about the cool new rides at Disneyland, or the fact that they want to watch

The White Beaches of the Philippines

Located in Southeast Asia, in the western Pacific Ocean, Philippines is a hot and humid country, with maximum temperatures going up to about 40° C. It has a coastline that is double the length of the US coastline. The locals are friendly and traveling is cheap. One doesn’t need to stay in expensive hotels, as there are plenty of downtown inns and lodges that are available. The country is home to some of the world’s best and longest white sand beaches.

White Beach, Boracay Island
This island is located on the northwestern tip of Panay, Western Visayas. The White Beach is 2.5 miles long, and is hailed as one of the finest in the world. It is also the most famous one in the country with its white, calm, and crystal clear warm water. The island is now highly commercialized, with a number of hotels, bars, shopping areas, and even ATMs are established on this beach. Snorkeling and diving are its other attractions. Traveling on this island is cheap. One can even rent a bike and ride through the entire area. The beach

The Best Adventure Vacations in the US

 We all seek for some adventure in life, and what makes us seek this adventure is our human nature, to just for some time, hit the off road. Adventure vacations help us to bring out the wild side in us, which normally is under the wraps in some corner of our homes and offices. These vacations help you to embrace life, just as it is, without any liabilities and commitments in that moment. This vacation, discover adventures at these best adventure vacations in the US, and discover a new ‘you’. Adventure in general is very important for us to make our lives a tad more interesting and lively. There is always a need to do something that is not done everyday, and this gets us closer to these vacations. Like Helen Keller said, “life is either a great adventure or nothing”.

Planning an Adventure Vacation in the US

The definition of adventure varies for all of us. For some, it’s nearing the supreme power through meditation, and for some, it’s the experience of the adrenaline rush. Whatever maybe our expectations from these adventure vacation ideas,

That are Absolutely Breathtaking to Visit

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced hiker, that unpredictability of life that backpacking commands makes you reluctant to return to a normal life in the city, to take your place in the rat race. Whether you look for spirituality, adventure, friendship, new cultures, or just beauty in nature, you know that a single backpacking adventure has the capacity to change you forever. There are some amazingly breathtaking places to go in the world, good places where you will find happiness at the cheapest prices, with just a backpack of 50 liters to carry your world in.

You learn so many things by interacting with people all over the world, without the artificiality and blindfolds that accompany a vacation with luxuries. There are so many opportunities to make friends everywhere you go, and to promise to one day return and visit them. When you’re out there, you know that this was how it was meant to be, that this was what humans were made for: living free.
Some Breathtaking Places Which Should be on Your Bucket List
The Everest Base Camp Trail, Nepal
Mount Everest
Anything that has Everest in its name is bound to be difficult, but this one

Good Vacation Spots

The task of zeroing in on good vacation spots is like attempting to pick out a few precious stones of your choice, from a cave full of them. It’s extremely difficult to jot down a list simply because each one has particular set of likes and dislikes.

Some people prefer quieter places for spending a vacation, while some prefer to go to a place bustling with people and events. The world we live in offers an enormously large platter with scores of places to visit, enough to satiate every kind of tourist’s travel buds!

5 Excellent Places to Visit

Beach vacations, ski trips, safaris, etc. are all great ways to spend a memorable vacation. Depending on whether you like spending time on beaches, in jungles, in wildlife parks, or on snowy slopes, your natural inclination to a vacation spot will vary.

Kachemak Bay, Alaska

The 64-km long arm of Cook inlet in Alaskan state, Kechemak is simply wonderful for couples who love getting involved in activities like kayaking, fishing, hiking, camping and mountain sports! The constant changing weather patterns gives the place a mesmerizing appeal. The picturesque landscapes will simply leave you overwhelmed! Alaska’s first and only wilderness park is situated at this bay,

Budget Plan for a Weekend Getaway

Vacation time is a time to enjoy and relax. While some prefer to go on long breaks there are a few who prefer mini vacations! These holidyas completely refresh a person and make him/her feel geared up for work as well. However, frequent trips may sometimes cause a hole in the wallet! Therefore having a budget plan is of utmost importance. A travel budget helps a person to manage the finance and end up with savings! And if you see the brighter side, you can even end up with more savings. Planning for cheap holidays is not really as difficult as it may seem.

Off-Season Trips
Weekend getaways can be planned during off-season time. This is the time when travel agents can offer better deals for airfare and package tours and hotel rates would also be cheaper. This situation will prove to be advantageous to you as you can opt to book your hotel room for a lesser price. This will subsequently save you a lot of money.
You can camp with your entire family at a nearby location and connect with nature. This is surely an idea that will not burn a hole in your wallet. Instead, this will

Fun Family Vacation to Jamaica

Family values are a little like family vacations―subject to changeable weather and remembered more fondly with the passage of time. Though it rained all week at the beach, it’s often the momentary rainbows that we remember.
― Leslie Dreyfous
Out of Many, One People―this Jamaican motto aptly describes the people and diverse culture of the Caribbean island nation. Jamaica is not only one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of the Caribbean, but also in the world. With pristine beaches, sumptuous cuisine, the beats of reggae music, and an extremely happening nightlife, Jamaica definitely tops the list of most sought-after leisure vacation destinations in the world. The island offers so many things for tourists to do in there that it is also increasingly becoming a hot favorite spot for family vacations. People love to go to Jamaica with their children and elders, and return after savoring the most enchanting flavors of the island.
Planning a Family Vacation to Jamaica
If you wish to experience the Caribbean verve along with your family this vacation, but are confused regarding how to go about planning your trip, you have landed on the right page. This Buzzle write-up will help you

Cheap Mini Vacation

Who doesn’t like to spend a quiet time in the woods, eating a hot meal and relaxing by the river side? But alas, this is a too idyllic situation for most of us. First of all, we cannot afford to take a leave, forget leave, most of us are engrossed in work even on weekends! And if one ever gets a golden opportunity of an extended weekend, there are many problems which make this dream even more distant! First of all, one is not aware of mini vacation destinations, that can be thoroughly enjoyed in the short period of two-three days, secondly the popular mini vacation spots are always crowded. And lastly, some really beautiful places that are not crowded and are also nearby, are way beyond your budget. One obviously cannot spend all the savings on a weekend getaway, so what should be done? Well, all you have to do is scroll down and take a look at the ideas given below. The spots mentioned in these budget travel ideas are perfect for you, as they are inexpensive, fun, not far from where you reside and also very relaxing.

Vacation Ideas
Day Trip: All you have to do is, book

The Fascinating Nepalese Culture and Traditions

Nepal is a beautiful country. It is known to be the birth place of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. The people of this country live in harmony and with religious tolerance. It is a sovereign state which has rich culture and tradition. Due to its landlocked location and historical invasions, Nepalese culture and customs are influenced by Indian and Chinese culture. Large-scale migrations from Northern India, Tibet, China has made a diverse ethnic, linguistic pattern in this country. This country is a potpourri of ethnicity with beautiful cultural landscapes.

The People of Nepal
Nepali, (Gorkhali), which the national language, is derived from Sanskrit. 90% of its inhabitants live in villages and hilly areas. Many races and tribal groups live in different regions of the country. Its population is more than 26 million. Newars are a group of people who are believed to be the original inhabitants, and they live mainly in Kathmandu. Sherpas, one of the major ethnic groups, occupy the central and eastern regions of the country. Some of the other ethnic groups are Magars, Dalits, Kirats etc., Hinduism is the predominant religion.

Brahmins are the upper caste people and Dalits (untouchables) belong to the lower caste in Nepalese society.

Tropical Vacation Destinations

Do you always bring home vacation brochures in the hopes of selecting one of the tropical destinations mentioned in them? You have always wanted to discover what the world has to offer and the new possibilities it holds. Work pressures, family commitments, and/or the need to settle down as soon as possible can hinder the plans for a holiday. There are many beautiful destinations all around you that may have been calling you for a while now. So instead of worrying about your commitments to other things in life, think of yourself and the responsibility you have towards you. Take a look at some popular vacation spots that might just tempt you to call off any other engagement and head out for some fun. Check out these amazing beach vacations that will blow you away.

Destinations You Should Not Miss

A tropical vacation has to furnish lots of sun, best beaches, and tons of relaxation excuses. I, myself, am a beach lover, so whenever I try to plan for a vacation, I always, without a doubt pick a place where I can get to lie in the sun. It helps me avoid winter time and gives me an opportunity to come upon

The Most Amazing Places in the World

This world truly is blessed with immense beauty…, a beauty that is a combination of nature’s creation and mankind’s creativity! We are born in a small corner of the world, and there are many people in this world who never see how magnificent the entire world is because they never get a chance to explore. Have you ever thought of the fact that we live this life only once, and the reason why God has sent us to this world is because we can marvel on how beautiful and amazing the experience of living in this world is? What if we could spend a few days every year in seeing and exploring some of the most amazing places that are on this earth? What if it is a compulsion to go for a holiday, like a medical checkup? If you are willing to do the same thing, then read further and have a look at some of the most popular places in the world.

Top 10 Must-see Places in the World

Wouldn’t it be sad if we just spent our entire life studying, working, and paying our utility bills? And then one fine day, flipping through the channels of Discovery or National

Amazing Ideas for Family Camping Trips

Some experiences just make for better experiences than others. Whether it’s a long holiday, or a short camping trip, these are also some of those experiences which help create some of the best memories with the family. Given that it is time that you are looking to spend with your family, you would also want it to be as special and fun as it possibly could. What acts as an added advantage is the fact that a trip like this can also turn out to be one of the most economical little vacations that could be taken with the family. At the end of the day, that is the point anyway, right? It’s about the time spent with each other that matters greatly. There is however one crucial factor, and that is, planning the camping trip well so as to be able to make the most of it, despite the short span of time of the trip by itself. Here are a few ideas that you could maybe use.

Planning a Camping Trip

Planning camping trips with family or even friends for that matter must be done in such a manner that it is practical, hassle-free and fun, all at the same

World’s Most Unusual Places

Our planet is full of places that offer spectacular views, bizarre topographical features, and a variety of flora & fauna. There are many places on earth which seem odd or unusual in comparison to what we are used to seeing in day-to-day life. Some of the world’s most unusual places are described in the paragraphs below.

Most Unusual Places in the World
The most unusual places in the world listed below should have something interesting and bizarre that would interest the readers.
Socotra, Republic of Yemen
This is one of the most unusual places on earth with features that are out of the world. For a moment, one would feel that he has traveled to a different planet. The Dragon Blood Tree is one of the important features of this island. The branches of this plant give it a mushroom-like appearance. The desert rose is another plant with a weird appearance. The stem of this plant resembles the legs of an elephant. The Dorstenia gigas is a plant which can even grow in rock; it doesn’t necessarily require soil as a medium for growth. All these and other features make Socotra one of the most unusual places on earth.
83-42, Greenland

Camping Checklist

Camping checklist essentials, are a must when you are planning to go hiking or camping. Such a checklist is a ready reckoner for you to keep stock of the things you have packed and things you need to pack. It is a very good practice as then you are not stuck up in an emergency for the lack of a particular thing. In case you are going camping, here is what you might want to know.

Proper planning ensures a thrilling camping experience, and why not? It’s not something you do everyday, do you? Generally, camping is fun, but things can go horribly wrong if you miss out on essentials for camping, or perhaps, you are skeptical about what is essential and what is not. Therefore, it is imperative to enlist camping checklist essentials. The following text will tell you what all you need for a smooth camping endeavor.
Shelter and Allied Things: If you are going on a nature camp or jungle trail, shelter is the most important thing. For protection against rain, cold weather and such, you need shelter, for example a tent. Moreover, you cannot just lie down on the ground, so there are other things you need


Amateur and occasional travelers often don’t understand the simple differences between a hotel and a motel. In this article, we’ll see how the two terms are different from each other.

The first motel …
… in the world was built in California by Arthur Heineman in 1925. Earlier called Milestone Mo-Tel, it is today known as the Motel Inn of San Luis Obispo.


The word ‘hotel’ came from French hôtel. It is an establishment that provides long-term lodging, timely meals, and other comfort-oriented services. Hotels are usually built with the sole purpose of providing luxurious comfort to travelers and tourists. They’re equipped to support large number of people at a time and for longer durations. Also, hotels have several other amenities that are established to entertain guests. These include swimming pools, spas, shows, etc. The construction of hotels is also planned on a large scale and comprises a number of floors, with separate space for conference halls, banquets, pubs, gyms, etc. The architecture is also a significant aspect as most hotels are established with a big budget. The staff in a hotel is highly skilled, is divided into many departments, and huge in number.


These establishments are designed for motorists who require a

Tips on How to Use Frequent Flyer Miles

Free ticket? What’s that?
The concept of a free ticket does not exist. You may expect to redeem your frequent flyer miles for a trip, but the airline is bound to charge you for taxes or even a fuel surcharge, and that, at times, can be pretty hefty.
Businessman in Airline
If you really thought that airline companies were trying to ‘do their bit’ for society by introducing frequent flyer programs, you were clearly born yesterday. These programs happen to be one among the many enterprising ideas that enable airlines to earn a quick buck on the side, while the unwitting customer goes on a diligent flying spree in order to nail that one free flight to Paris in the summer.

Several thousand frequent flyer miles and as many phone calls later, the customer resigns himself to the fact that a flight to Paris won’t come entirely for free, and that there’s got to be a way to make use of those wretched miles. Well, mentioned below are a few tips that will tell you how to use frequent flyer miles efficiently.

▶Know your airline partner(s)
Airline partnerships are your best bet when it comes to redeeming frequent flyer miles for plane

Play These Games Instead

Long road trips, whether they’re with family, friends, or in a carpool of strangers, can become tedious, especially if the group of people in the car is fairly diverse. More often than not, you and your traveling companions will have different tastes in music, different opinions about radio usage and volume, and different conversation interests. Other problems can add to these. For example, the others may feel talkative at times when you would rather watch the scenery, and vice versa. After only a few hours on the road, these scenarios can become irritating for even the most calm and level-headed travelers.
Keeping a Positive Attitude
In order to make road trips more painless for all involved, it’s a good idea for car travelers to remain sympathetic to one another. Remember that the other people in the car, whether they’re siblings, parents, or friends, are probably just as irritated by the situation as you are, and unless everyone makes a concerted effort to maintain a positive attitude, the atmosphere in the car could deteriorate rapidly, making the problem worse. One great way to keep everyone on the same page and in a decent mood is to play games in the car.

Roller Coasters

A theme park or an amusement park is usually visited by many for the simple reason that it has a roller coaster. In this article, you will understand the physics of roller coasters.

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People, especially children, like the thrills involved in the roller coaster. First designed by Mr. Lamacus Adna Thompson on 20th Jan, 1885, the mechanism of this ride contains a special railroad system with tracks and cars or bogies. The interesting part of it is that the track need not be a circuit, but with pre-prepared patterns, the riding on which causes the thrill in the entire operation. To know more about the physics of roller coasters, read the paragraphs ahead.


Most riders of this amusement ride may not be aware that there is no engine for operation. Then, how does a roller coaster work? Before actually understanding the mechanism, we have to understand two words from the glossary of physics. They are potential energy and kinetic energy.

Potential Energy

Potential energy is defined as that energy that is inherent in a physical system in juxtaposition with conservative force acting on it. On the movement of an object from its position against a force, energy is expended

Bring on a Cruise to the Bahamas

Going for a cruise vacation is certainly an exciting thing, but packing luggage is certainly not that fun. If an individual is traveling to Bahamas for the first time, then he/she might not have a clear idea on what to carry and what to leave. The best that first time travelers can think of are clothes and money and in this confusion the chances of forgetting important items is very high. Hence, it’s better to do all the packing at least one week in advance.

What to bring for a Cruise to the Bahamas
People from all sides of the globe flock to the Bahamas to enjoy its white sand and heavenly waters. The island is situated on the eastern coast of the US which helps this tiny piece of land to avoid various natural calamities. The bright sunshine makes it one of the top golf destinations of the world. Apart from the countless water activities, Bahamas also offers an amazing view of the flora and fauna for its visitors. Many people don’t know but Bahamas is an independent nation and hence it is essential to make pack necessary items before heading towards it.
What to Wear
Bahamas normally experiences warm

These Brazilian Beaches Have it All

Beautiful white sand and cool turquoise bluish green water, make Brazilian beaches the most loved all over the world. They have a lot more in store for you. At any time of the year, you can find yourself getting a gorgeous suntan or partying the night away. This country has a plethora of beaches that can turn anyone into a beach bum! Long coastlines dotted with pretty café’s and long hours spent trying out water sports, makes them a most sought after destination amongst all beach lovers. Here are some of them.

Copacabana Beach
This beach is a hot spot especially for the New Years eve. It is located in the southern area of Rio de Janeiro. Its beauty is enhanced with the historic forts that are seen here. It also draws a reputation for being known as one of the best beaches in the world. A fun time here would mean loads of fun in the sun with games such as volleyball. Beach volleyball has made its mark since the year 1930. Besides the natural beauty, bikinis are a permanent feature at the Copacabana beach.
New year celebrations bring together people of various nationalities. This is the time when fireworks,