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That are Absolutely Breathtaking to Visit

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced hiker, that unpredictability of life that backpacking commands makes you reluctant to return to a normal life in the city, to take your place in the rat race. Whether you look for spirituality, adventure, friendship, new cultures, or just beauty in nature, you know that a single backpacking adventure has the capacity to change you forever. There are some amazingly breathtaking places to go in the world, good places where you will find happiness at the cheapest prices, with just a backpack of 50 liters to carry your world in.

You learn so many things by interacting with people all over the world, without the artificiality and blindfolds that accompany a vacation with luxuries. There are so many opportunities to make friends everywhere you go, and to promise to one day return and visit them. When you’re out there, you know that this was how it was meant to be, that this was what humans were made for: living free.
Some Breathtaking Places Which Should be on Your Bucket List
The Everest Base Camp Trail, Nepal
Mount Everest
Anything that has Everest in its name is bound to be difficult, but this one is moderate. It starts and ends at Lukla, at an altitude of 18,192 feet above sea level. About 116 km (70 miles), it takes you through scenic mountain routes on which you see some of the highest peaks in the world at close quarters, like the Everest, Makalu, Cho Oyu, and Lhotse, all at very low prices. There are sherpa villages to be stayed in, and harsh conditions to be acclimatized to, but it’s all worth it!

North Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa
A walk on the Drakensberg escarpment in South Africa, is about 65 km long. It is the ridge that borders the Lesotho plateau of the Drakensberg mountains at the border between Lesotho and South Africa. The view from the escarpment goes down 1800 m (the mountains themselves being about 3000 m high). If you plan accordingly, you can visit the San Rock Paintings, which are a world heritage site. The lushness of the area will surprise you, since it is one of the more forgotten parts of the world.
The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu, Peru
Peru is a beautiful country where you can plan budget travel and have an amazing time. There are several alternative routes to Machu Picchu from the surrounding terrain, so you may customize your experience as much as possible, (provided you carry permits). Three of the main ones are The Classic, The Mollepatta, and the One Day routes, ranging in difficulty and anywhere between one- to ten-day treks. You are guaranteed plenty of ruins, llamas, and mountains to last you a lifetime.

Good Vacation Spots

The task of zeroing in on good vacation spots is like attempting to pick out a few precious stones of your choice, from a cave full of them. It’s extremely difficult to jot down a list simply because each one has particular set of likes and dislikes.

Some people prefer quieter places for spending a vacation, while some prefer to go to a place bustling with people and events. The world we live in offers an enormously large platter with scores of places to visit, enough to satiate every kind of tourist’s travel buds!

5 Excellent Places to Visit

Beach vacations, ski trips, safaris, etc. are all great ways to spend a memorable vacation. Depending on whether you like spending time on beaches, in jungles, in wildlife parks, or on snowy slopes, your natural inclination to a vacation spot will vary.

Kachemak Bay, Alaska

The 64-km long arm of Cook inlet in Alaskan state, Kechemak is simply wonderful for couples who love getting involved in activities like kayaking, fishing, hiking, camping and mountain sports! The constant changing weather patterns gives the place a mesmerizing appeal. The picturesque landscapes will simply leave you overwhelmed! Alaska’s first and only wilderness park is situated at this bay, so you can enjoy watching all kinds of land and marine animals. Not to mention, the glorious feeling of sipping a cup of steaming hot chocolate, as you gaze upon the spectacular mountains of the Alaskan terrain from your cabin!


Barbados, a coral island pushed outwards into the sea, by volcanic activity, is an exquisite island bustling with all kinds of interesting activities to do. Besides the art, history, music, nightlife and famous restaurants, what lures tourists to this island are its people. The Bajans or Barbadians are warm, friendly and hospitable people. Let’s not forget the coral beaches blanketed with fine white sand, stretched across the blue-green sea. Snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing are also highlights of this island. People interested in geology would love to visit the land that is geologically unique, because Barbados was formed by the merging of two land masses. Talk about successful mergers! Barbados is suitable for people with all kinds of budgets and styles.

Kerala, India

Kerala, a state in Southern part of India, known for its enthralling scenery, is a great place to visit. If you love the thought of spending a day or two in a tree house, 90 feet high on a huge tree, then the tree house in Kerala is just the one for you! The tree house made from bamboo and boards, has two floors with each floor having a bedroom, a terrace and a toilet. Those of you who want to spend some quiet and peaceful time with each other, should certainly opt for this getaway place. Living in a tree house in the midst of a thick jungle, with kerosene lamps flooding your room with warm, golden light, is an opportunity of a lifetime!

Budget Plan for a Weekend Getaway

Vacation time is a time to enjoy and relax. While some prefer to go on long breaks there are a few who prefer mini vacations! These holidyas completely refresh a person and make him/her feel geared up for work as well. However, frequent trips may sometimes cause a hole in the wallet! Therefore having a budget plan is of utmost importance. A travel budget helps a person to manage the finance and end up with savings! And if you see the brighter side, you can even end up with more savings. Planning for cheap holidays is not really as difficult as it may seem.

Off-Season Trips
Weekend getaways can be planned during off-season time. This is the time when travel agents can offer better deals for airfare and package tours and hotel rates would also be cheaper. This situation will prove to be advantageous to you as you can opt to book your hotel room for a lesser price. This will subsequently save you a lot of money.
You can camp with your entire family at a nearby location and connect with nature. This is surely an idea that will not burn a hole in your wallet. Instead, this will help you to spend quality time with your family enjoying a panoramic view of the mountains. You can walk through the trails, cook food and enjoy freedom in the woods.
Explore Your Locality
You can also explore an area in your own neighborhood with friends. Visit all those places you have never seen before. Bring out the map and rent a car and go all around the countryside. The joy of discovering new destinations closer to your home will give you many more options for your travel later on.
Visit the Beach
When was the last time you went on a picnic? If you are fortunate enough to stay near a beach, you can call up your friends and pack some good food. Have fun in the sun, surfing on the waves. Gorge on food beneath a clear sky! It’s not about how much money you spend to have a great time outdoors; it’s only about quality time, which does not need a lot of money! A trip of this manner will leave you with beautiful memories with your loved ones.
Visit the Beach
When was the last time you went on a picnic? If you are fortunate enough to stay near a beach, you can call up your friends and pack some good food. Have fun in the sun, surfing on the waves. Gorge on food beneath a clear sky! It’s not about how much money you spend to have a great time outdoors; it’s only about quality time, which does not need a lot of money! A trip of this manner will leave you with beautiful memories with your loved ones.

Fun Family Vacation to Jamaica

Family values are a little like family vacations―subject to changeable weather and remembered more fondly with the passage of time. Though it rained all week at the beach, it’s often the momentary rainbows that we remember.
― Leslie Dreyfous
Out of Many, One People―this Jamaican motto aptly describes the people and diverse culture of the Caribbean island nation. Jamaica is not only one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of the Caribbean, but also in the world. With pristine beaches, sumptuous cuisine, the beats of reggae music, and an extremely happening nightlife, Jamaica definitely tops the list of most sought-after leisure vacation destinations in the world. The island offers so many things for tourists to do in there that it is also increasingly becoming a hot favorite spot for family vacations. People love to go to Jamaica with their children and elders, and return after savoring the most enchanting flavors of the island.
Planning a Family Vacation to Jamaica
If you wish to experience the Caribbean verve along with your family this vacation, but are confused regarding how to go about planning your trip, you have landed on the right page. This Buzzle write-up will help you with the task.
Do In-depth Research
Couple referring travel book
Surf the net, refer to popular travel magazines such as Travel + Leisure and National Geographic Traveler, and/or read travel books. Research about every possible facet with respect to a Jamaican holiday. If possible, try to get in touch with people who have been there on a family vacation in the past. First-hand information will help you to a great extent in planning a perfect holiday with your family.

Pen Down a Probable Itinerary
Woman making list
Every location on the island has something unique to offer. Once you do an in-depth research, you will come to know the highlights of various Jamaican cities/towns. If you are traveling with children, look for spots which offer recreational facilities for them, and so on. Then, according to your preferences, make a rough list of the probable spots you would like to visit with your family.
If you are traveling independently, this itinerary will help you get around the place. If you are going through a tour operator, do not hesitate to give him your rough itinerary, and he/she will refine it for you.
Compare Airfares
Online flight booking
If you have planned to go with a tour operator, see to it that you book an all-inclusive package, which will also include the two-way airfare. However, if you are traveling independently, the Internet will be your best resource to book airline tickets. While you can book your tickets directly from the airline’s website, there are several reputed websites which offer great discounts.