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Tips on How to Use Frequent Flyer Miles

Free ticket? What’s that?
The concept of a free ticket does not exist. You may expect to redeem your frequent flyer miles for a trip, but the airline is bound to charge you for taxes or even a fuel surcharge, and that, at times, can be pretty hefty.
Businessman in Airline
If you really thought that airline companies were trying to ‘do their bit’ for society by introducing frequent flyer programs, you were clearly born yesterday. These programs happen to be one among the many enterprising ideas that enable airlines to earn a quick buck on the side, while the unwitting customer goes on a diligent flying spree in order to nail that one free flight to Paris in the summer.

Several thousand frequent flyer miles and as many phone calls later, the customer resigns himself to the fact that a flight to Paris won’t come entirely for free, and that there’s got to be a way to make use of those wretched miles. Well, mentioned below are a few tips that will tell you how to use frequent flyer miles efficiently.

▶Know your airline partner(s)
Airline partnerships are your best bet when it comes to redeeming frequent flyer miles for plane tickets. For instance, if you are in possession of United Airlines’ miles, book trips with Thai Airways, ANA, Swiss, South African, or Air New Zealand; in fact, you can earn and use your MileagePlus® miles on over 35 airlines worldwide, as a part of the Star Alliance. This obviously widens your choice when it comes to picking routes and destinations. This may not be an outstanding tip in a manner of speaking, but the fact remains that it is hardly ever advertised, and therefore, tends to skip our minds.
▶Use it for class upgrades
Well, you may not always lay your hands on a low cost ticket, but you can always use your frequent flyer miles to nail a class upgrade. Affording a premium class ticket may not come easily to most of us reading this, so it is rather obvious to make use of an opportunity like this when it presents itself.

There are times when certain airlines offer flyer miles as a bonus with certain tickets, and it would be wise to snap these up, if you have already stacked a decent amount of miles yourself. You can add these miles to your existing account, and choose to go for an upgrade on your next overseas trip.
▶Keep your miles from expiring
You may have painstakingly stacked up several thousand flyer miles through trips, airline malls, and the airline miles credit card, but you must ensure to read the fine print that comes along with it. Most flyer miles are valid for a period of 12 to 18 months, beyond which they do expire if your account has been inactive. This policy varies from airline to airline, so you need to keep a check, and avoid getting a rude shock when you wish to redeem them after a prolonged gap.

Play These Games Instead

Long road trips, whether they’re with family, friends, or in a carpool of strangers, can become tedious, especially if the group of people in the car is fairly diverse. More often than not, you and your traveling companions will have different tastes in music, different opinions about radio usage and volume, and different conversation interests. Other problems can add to these. For example, the others may feel talkative at times when you would rather watch the scenery, and vice versa. After only a few hours on the road, these scenarios can become irritating for even the most calm and level-headed travelers.
Keeping a Positive Attitude
In order to make road trips more painless for all involved, it’s a good idea for car travelers to remain sympathetic to one another. Remember that the other people in the car, whether they’re siblings, parents, or friends, are probably just as irritated by the situation as you are, and unless everyone makes a concerted effort to maintain a positive attitude, the atmosphere in the car could deteriorate rapidly, making the problem worse. One great way to keep everyone on the same page and in a decent mood is to play games in the car. Road trip games are one of the hallmarks of long driving tours, but in the age of portable technology many people may be unaware of some of the classics.
Benefits of Road Trip Games
Next time you’re on a road trip, try putting away the smart phone for a few minutes and engaging in some friendly competition with your partners in travel. Not only does this make the timepass more quickly, it’s polite to the driver, who can’t (or, at least, shouldn’t) send text messages or surf the internet while behind the wheel. Even if you’re content to play video games for hours on end in the passenger seat, remember how important it is to keep the driver happy! A frustrated driver may become an aggressive or distracted driver, and suddenly the safety of everyone in the car is at stake.
The Celebrity Game
When choosing a game to play in the car, pick something that everyone can participate in. Trivia games or “Twenty Questions” style games may be fun for certain people, but could exclude kids and others who have difficulty with that style of thinking. One game that the whole family can enjoy is called The Celebrity Game. The rules of the game are as follows: someone starts by thinking of the name of a celebrity. The celebrity can be fictional or real, living or dead. As an example, the first person might say, “George Washington.” Moving counterclockwise, the next person must now name a celebrity whose first name begins with W, the previous celebrity’s last initial.

Roller Coasters

A theme park or an amusement park is usually visited by many for the simple reason that it has a roller coaster. In this article, you will understand the physics of roller coasters.

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People, especially children, like the thrills involved in the roller coaster. First designed by Mr. Lamacus Adna Thompson on 20th Jan, 1885, the mechanism of this ride contains a special railroad system with tracks and cars or bogies. The interesting part of it is that the track need not be a circuit, but with pre-prepared patterns, the riding on which causes the thrill in the entire operation. To know more about the physics of roller coasters, read the paragraphs ahead.


Most riders of this amusement ride may not be aware that there is no engine for operation. Then, how does a roller coaster work? Before actually understanding the mechanism, we have to understand two words from the glossary of physics. They are potential energy and kinetic energy.

Potential Energy

Potential energy is defined as that energy that is inherent in a physical system in juxtaposition with conservative force acting on it. On the movement of an object from its position against a force, energy is expended and a potential difference is created. Upon allowing the object to return to its original position the energy supplied is recovered. The best example here is the thing which has elasticity. Due to the elastic potential energy, elastic materials regain their original position. There are different types of potential energies, like gravitational potential energy, elastic potential energy, chemical potential energy, etc.

Kinetic Energy

The additional energy, which an object obtains because of its motion, is called kinetic energy. The common example of use of kinetic energy is the movement of cycle. The rider of a cycle pedals the cycle to a certain speed and after that it moves with less pedaling on its own. The kinetic energy so obtained by the cycle is used in facing the air-friction and the resistance of the road. If a dynamo is attached to the wheels of the cycle, then electrical energy is produced. The kinetic energy so produced can be used for converting into other forms of energy. Extending the example of the cyclist, it can be observed that the kinetic energy of the moving cycle on a steep rise will be converted in to a gravitational potential energy once the cycle reaches the top point. On sliding down the slope, the cycle uses the potential energy to come down.

Bring on a Cruise to the Bahamas

Going for a cruise vacation is certainly an exciting thing, but packing luggage is certainly not that fun. If an individual is traveling to Bahamas for the first time, then he/she might not have a clear idea on what to carry and what to leave. The best that first time travelers can think of are clothes and money and in this confusion the chances of forgetting important items is very high. Hence, it’s better to do all the packing at least one week in advance.

What to bring for a Cruise to the Bahamas
People from all sides of the globe flock to the Bahamas to enjoy its white sand and heavenly waters. The island is situated on the eastern coast of the US which helps this tiny piece of land to avoid various natural calamities. The bright sunshine makes it one of the top golf destinations of the world. Apart from the countless water activities, Bahamas also offers an amazing view of the flora and fauna for its visitors. Many people don’t know but Bahamas is an independent nation and hence it is essential to make pack necessary items before heading towards it.
What to Wear
Bahamas normally experiences warm weather. Hence, people traveling during summer seasons, should carry light-weight clothes as temperatures run up to 90°F. Avoid dark-colored clothes and wear comfortable slippers and shoes. People who are planning to spend most of their time near the beach should carry more swimsuits. Men and women should also carry an extra formal suit and a beautiful gown for attending any formal parties hosted on the cruise.
Important Documents
Place all you personal identification documents and paperwork in a separate backpack. Carry airline tickets, cruise documents, proof of citizenship and driver’s license, and carry multiple copies of all these documents and keep them separate in case they are lost. It is a good idea to carry additional traveler’s checks and cell phones.
Personal Care Items
A cruise liner is a place where customers are provided with all the possible comforts they need. Although complimentary personal care items such as shampoos, shower gels, razors and sunscreens are available it is a good idea to check with the cruise liner just to be sure. People who plan to spend most of their time outside will need loads of sunscreen, if they don’t want to get sun burned.

Bring Books
If you are traveling alone, then carrying a book to pass time is a great idea. Bring your own reading material because books and magazines available on the cruise ships would be more expensive. Most of the Bahamian population speaks English, but many of the locals might use regional phrases which might be unfamiliar to tourists. In such cases guidebooks prove very helpful.